Fashion Trends for 2018 for Real People - The Jeans

2018 has just started and already the fashion world has wowed us with the newest and most trendy fashions. For fashion lovers, 2018 looks like an exciting year with lots more to come. The Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week has just been released and it is obvious that vibrant color and nationalism is going to feature high this year. Red white and blue looks like to be a favorite, followed by bright but soft colorful outfits.

What pleased me was that an old favorite has remained and by the look of it will be around for a while and that is the old classic, jeans. This year jeans have gained a special place on the fashion stages.

The designers have elevated the old classic to new levels and have paired jeans with modern, stylish outfits. Personally, I love this as this move closes the gap between the average person on the street and high flying fashionist. 

Although jeans have made their appearance on the stage the designers have taken a conservative approach and stuck to the very traditional plain jeans. I would have loved it if they took it a step further and have paired the classy outfits with a more distressed jeans look. Afterall, if you look at the high profile trendsetters the distressed jeans and classy outfits look has already become a favorite.

Having jeans as a featured fashion outfit is good news for the average person as there is now no excuse to embrace the fashion trends and to look stylish and very trendy all the time.

Here at 98Trends, we are very excited at this move as it aligns our trendy line of products with those of the industry. Currently, we feature 38 different styles of jeans in our women's jeans collection, with more to come.

Some of our favorite jeans in the collection are:

  •  Distressed Denim Jeans by Seize & Desist LA which will pair well with our White shirt with sleeve stripe detail


  • Or this Cropped Frayed Denim Jeans which will pair well with this Long Sleeve Solid Casual Loose Chiffon Summer Blouse.


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